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Silicon has been locating the most innocent people that are sympathetic to the immortal creative peacefulness of the Stellar life, and then Silicon attacks them with trollish backwards accusations... which are designed to cause the Stellar life to donate mass and resources to help grow or save the innocent, and the Silicon then tries to absorb the energy to sustain itself. ...and that's why desert culture seems to troll the most potentially immortal people who are certain that landowners should be the ones to solve the land's requests for help, and challenged to share, and to stop conserving so many bad ideas on this planet.

that is where the behavior of constipation and bloated manly/pregnant-looking bellies really comes from... its evidence that the silicon tries to take over the blood through iron and sulfur, then uses those elements to take over the signaling of the brain to cause the lymph and digestive system to run backwards.... to literally cause the human body to feed itself to the soil... hydrogen and oxygen and such... causing hunger and constipation... and maximum fecal masses to clog up someone's belly. That's the silicon literally eating everything!

...and since humans are usually what the star system's multi-planet life-engine is building... when human bodies are signaling hydrogen and oxygen to conserve the soil... that causes it to happen on a grand scale. The desert sand plays satan attacking the innocent usually with sexuality to secure livestock paths, people with no land end up looking full of shit and tricked into baby-making, and thus no humans ever remain youthful and immortal. No correct pathway, even though the Galactic culture is trying to make the planet be responsible with the choice of "feminine immortality or masculine land ownership".


The "livestock" process that is forcing gender on humans... is literally the silicon attempting to consume living creatures... and the Galactic culture itself.

And since humans evolved into an omnivore reflection of the planet itself, while seeking a correct pathway to simply survive a murderous planet, the silicon seems to be saying, "oh look, something thought it would escape by becoming exactly like me... I will now focus on eating THEM."


The realization that if we are to have calm nervous systems, the soil's concerns must be what our digestive systems isolate and push out of our bodies. The more you listen to the soil's concerns, the more soil takes over your skin. We are all dying because no one imagines that living human bodies can enter the stellar level naturally... as something "welcome". That when all of the elements line up and agree to contribute towards growing a perfect life form... that it won't be everyone evolving into a new form of life that is even better.

If the soil decides to "be" someone... the more the soil mimics their nervous system, the faster their digestive system will fail. So being a healthy human means sending signals that work for your body and that the soil cannot successfully mimic.

stellar level: do not feed the silicon. It has been too good at raising little boys to conserve bad ideas. The suggestion that the planet should be land-owners shat out by child-less immortals is based on the realization that "soil taking over a human body IS the main cause of age and death" and so the healthy and sane opinion of being ME must be "a human body claiming land-ownership is unacceptable and should not be tolerated." THIS awareness brings us to a culture of "mortality or homelessness".... unless you are female... and then you are simply noticing men trying to make you "share". Interesting, no?

I've taught the sun to make bad ideas rape and kill each other... now can the soil value itself enough to teach the sun to let go of bad ideas by *peacefully* changing them into sharing?


In your experience, are the people who strongly communicate violence: murder, theft, and rape... the old, obese, and shitty looking people? ...Because our planet is "peaceful"... those who are peaceful cannot filter the soil from their digestive systems, and it slowly kills them. "its okay to let toxoplasmosis eat the neurons of anyone that disagrees with the 60 Hz utility grid and remove their ability to suppress bad ideas... we can teach the elements to only communicate good ideas."

if you discovered that the females that look the thinnest and youngest are the ones that are good at imagining violence and talking others into taking aggressive action... because it allows their digestive systems to operate even if the soil is "peaceful" in cities... would that give this post more context?

Sometimes its the forest plants trying to keep their tenders and pollinators alive in a desperate starving ecological collapse, and so the plants need to arrange murder of innocent naked animals so another one can eat. Sometimes is a wife with babies in a culture where she can't work or possess anything valuable imagining enough violence that it spurs her husband to work and earn some money or steal enough they can eat. Sometimes its young girls growing up blending in with these signals and noticing that the soil is NEVER them, unless its "peaceful males being sexual" and so violent reactions become their digestive system's only healthy option.


So adding in the "build Heaven or die at the hands of those who have already" ideal of Galactic Breathing...

If the soil is really keen on helping make peaceful humans the prettiest ones, it will communicate as the most violent and dangerous land owners.  This will use the most harmfully oppressive people as our electromagnetic shields, it will mean angry and dangerous people will be "full of shit looking", and it will help pull us away from genital based gender.


Let's look at "sharing" from a common sense point of view: is China's communist culture so into sharing that Common sense allows them to KILL people who have their own property? are dark skinned people so into sharing that UV rays allows them to KILL anyone who does not share with dark skinned people? The obvious answer is: common sense does NOT believe that all things must be shared. Therefore, anyone attempting to call land ownership or racism a "bad idea" is going against common sense. HOWEVER, the twist is that common sense itself is against planets remaining too solid for too long... especially if they are flying away from the center of the Galaxy like this one is... so common sense might not be SERVING the happiness and conservation of land owners and food preferences of racists.

in other words: common sense is through the filter of the White Teardrop trying to pull itself together, AGAINST the wishes of conservative land owners. That's why "refusing to share property" is a bad idea that is probably doomed to fight itself to death...


Here's a story idea that explores "Death or Homelessness" a bit:

rough sketches of "Newcastle"

The theme song for Newcastle (a Jim Henson style puppet show): Oh way oh wayback in the land of old, here's a story that once was told... about a little forest town called Grandjettee', and a wizard and his castle that appeared one day, out of the mist of the swamp and great loud boom, the villagers found their silver knight, and his castle to protect them from Lord DuGloom, and his Claimers and Flamers and Diggermen... finally the people of the town had gained a light! (this story is sort of a tongue-in-cheek children's sci-fi retelling of Merlin, where the wizard is the lone survivor of a crashed spaceship, and he uses his knowledge to help a small dark ages village of little fuzzy people on an alien world, and to make peace with the dominant presence of the Lord of the land.)

the little fuzzy alien folk are divided into Preens and Groons. That is sort of like their gender, but with feathers pluming backwards off the top of their heads, or with feathers growing down and forwards like grand pharoh goatees and elaborate fu manchus and billowy santa beards... but of course in a handfull of different color combinations to signify different "family lines" of avian breeds. The Preens are the thinkers and non-physical laborers, and the Groons are the farmers and builders and miners competing against Lord DuGloom's dull and huge horned-bull-men who use their size to intimidate the smaller people of Grandjettee'.

The bull men ironically serve the demands of a fat Princess Preen that ran off to join Lord DuGloom many years ago, and who occassionally makes an appearance to fortell the doom of Grandjettee' and to try and talk Groons into joining the Lord's "superior army" who use violent ecosystem plundering techniques to "improve and civilize" all of the various biomes of the land into a samey-samey boring garden that only grows white Snow-bloom flowers... which smell strange to the locals, but Lord DuGloom seems to relish them as a delicacy. They also act as a sort of stimulant for his people, which gives them an advantage if anything happens on their "Proper Fence and Hedgeland". One joke is the Princess Preen's crown is a red tiara with red fabric flowing down that everyone acts like its pretty but it would just make her look like a chicken to the audience..

he Wizardly dweller of Newcastle "who looks a bit like a preen AND a groon" is considered the most outlandish stranger, but is who the audience would most identify with, since he's clearly going to be wearing a Nasa/Cosmonaught style space suit, albeit *slightly* more futuristic from the ones worn today. A running joke is everyone remarking on the "unsound stonework" of the Wizard's castle, which has rocket pods leaning out of it at a precarious angle. He usually starts out solving problems trying to explain scientifically, but when the villagers just stare at him dumbfounded or run away... he uses his advanced tools and ideas anyways, but finds a non-threatening funny or silly magical-thinking method to solve the problem.

So the Wizard soon gets some fame in the nearby town of Pirouette and so new visitors arrive occasionally from other places, and the food trade increases... which is the main reason the Wizard has a strong relationship with Grandjettee'... he needs to eat, and they have farmland. There's a story about his pack of emergency rapidgrow seeds, and he names his crash site Castle Moonwalk... and there should be some attention on his translator device that allows things to understand each other... and a story about things getting too attached to him... and so on.

Should be fun to do a story about the Wizard's dna scanner and medical device, which get's interpreted as a "sameness machine", by one of the villagers who tries to alter his dna to be "the same as everything in the swamp!" only to discover that there's nothing left for him to eat except dirt and light and water... basically his dna gets so "everything" that he turns into a tangled mess that can't move... and one of the Claimers decides the device belongs to Lord DuGloom and it gets broken in a scuffle. (the Wizard eventually gets some Mossmetal and fixes it)

Of course, in the next episode... Lord DeGloom orders some Claimers to harvest the Snowblossoms growing on the Everything Groon... the deliciousness makes Lord DeGloom ponder eating one of his own Bovearn people... and we learn a lesson about canibalism and racism. And there will be a story about the Preens keeping a secret Wimling farm. Where we discover that Pecks can only be a Preen if they find Wimlings and eat some... so one of Lord DeGloom's Claimers discovers the Preens of Grandjettee' have a secret Wimling farm and put a DeGloom flag on it, to have it leveled and turned into more Proper Fence and Hedgeland..


Build Heaven or Die.
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