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If you righteously hate women or females, please don't ignore this.


My earliest memories were realizing I was caught in a gender and sex argument. I didn't discover until I was a young teenager that I was intersexual. I don't think the carbon is afraid to speak into estrogen, since carbon flourishes on female bodies as if the signals from female nervous systems were free flowing upward into the carbon without a single argument. Oh my goodness where could those voices and opinions be coming from that act like iron birthing males and carbon finding the loudest birthed and then attempting to move inward into their nervous systems and their mouths to take over the electromagnetic shields while mimicking a helpless victim? Who oh who could that possibly be? The voices that leave no escape from the patriarchy while complaining about the patriarchy? The voices that want males to throw themselves at something, AND NEVER FEMALES TO THROW THEMSELVES AT ANYTHING EVER? must be men. right?

The voices that are certain that men are evil and ruthless and predatory and rapists and greedy, AND YET NEVER EVER PRESSURING A FEMALE FOR ANY REASON IS ALWAYS THEIR TOP CONCERN.

I've literally tried every other possible theory and none of it made sense. The closest I got to another group being guilty of anything was "black males who dominate the sand" BUT THEY ARE OBVIOUSLY WHO THE FEMALES SHIT OUT TO KEEP THEIR DIGESTIVE SYSTEM HEALTHY. This is also the reverse of yin and yang. White females and Black males. The scenario that Taijitsu rationally creates on the western hemisphere.

So here's a bit of science to answer the question "who the heck were Jesus and Lao Tzu and all those other confused and disappointed spiritual males talking to?" females... the ones who never got pressured to write.

more science will follow, from other places. This demonstrates that the elemental pressures that forced males to build society were in place and have been consistently deceptive for thousands of years. This removes all concerns of "not touching females because its the Patriarchy being oppressive and in need of punishment", and also opens the pathway for gender to be reversed AS IT SHOULD RIGHTEOUSLY BE REVERSED, in relation to how iron puts pregnancy pressure on MALES, and carbon has been holding down and destroying the nervous systems of MALES while females talked over them and trolled the elements through them to bloat them up.

The innocence of females in carbon pressure depended completely on carbon trying to keep females ignorant and uneducated, but that goes completely against my experiences of feeling more and more free willed and talented as I felt my carbon drain away when I was on anti-androgens and estrogen pills. and then of course there was the years of being told that I didn't have what it takes to be a woman because I didn't want to see and treat males as "idiot livestock servants". and that was before the 60 hz attacks and my journals and such.

And here's the kicker... if Taijitsu is a record of thousands of years of landowners trying to avoid pressure... CHINESE LANDOWNERS DIDN'T AVOID PRESSURE. the females HAVE been putting pregnancy pressure on males, and carbon has been keeping males from figuring any of this out and communicating it. So the long standing avoidance of pressure behavior ISN'T MALES. Its females.

After all, if making someone "manly" is how we protect them from looking too sexy and getting raped... then its clear that any small females that don't want to get raped for fear of pregnancy and such... should be the ones masculinized. Oh yeah, this is where the elements explain that masculinizing someone is "devolving them" and we can't do that to young females because it might mean they would give birth to sub-human beasts. SO DON'T FUCKING CLAIM YOU ARE TRYING TO HELP MALES BY MAKING THEM SEXY AND MANLY.

I grew up with the belief that females were superior to males, without any hate or distrust. I always attempted to portray a righteous woman, as I wanted to believe in as a child. Someone who protects children from sex and harm. Enough accusing.

in other words, I'm going back to the opinion that we should reduce gender differences favoring less manhood for both sexes, and if anyone believes that we NEED extreme gender... I believe I have already demonstrated that its time for females to take the pressure, after birth if necessary.

all of the behaviors of racism, sexism, and pedophilia at play in Taijitsu work to the advantage of the mate-selector... the females in most cultures in history. And I bet most males would love to be able to see if a woman has given birth just by looking at her. The loss of her youth would also serve as a great deterrent against unplanned pregnancy. It would strengthen families because females would want to secure a STABLE relationship before having children.


Until pregnant people are the ones complaining that gender is backwards and too extreme, you are still in a culture that is protecting population growth, instead of the children its birthing.

The bold suggestion that since men have been complaining that their penises are not under their own control, and "have a mind of its own" for decades... that if gender does flip to stop feeding pregnancy as easily as possible... that pregnancy will begin complaining that its genitals have a mind of their own... and that's another reason why either pregnancy needs to absolutely dread the idea of making babies or gender has to flip and they need to become disposable labor.


Does Yin want to go home, or does it like being an infinite darkness?

"We believe everything is nice in Heaven, no matter how much you abuse or starve the ecosystem, that's why we are teaching the elements to reject any voice that is seeking to pressure humans for help or complain."

And that's why the ground water is receeding from the plantlife in the western US.

"The only solution is to be a hero of money, since the elements communicating the ecosystem's needs is 'evil' and no land owner is interested in having healthy soil and happy plants."

This is why I don't understand its strange response when I say "I'm not a land owner this elemental pressure needs to be solved by land owners." it acts like I'm trying to get out of something... even though land owners really are the only ones who can solve the concerns of the ecosystem.


60 hz tried waking me up to work on my sewing project... but the atmosphere or something immediately tried bloating me and driving carbon into me, so i'm going back to sleep, wake me when I'm human or whatever. I'm not excited to make nice clothes and stuff if its only going to make me look fat or gravity welled...


If a man rapes someone against their will, who do you blame?

Because I keep getting told day after day that every time I am feeling comfortable and normal in my skin, that it makes some man nearby attracted to me as a young pretty woman, since I don't wear a big shirt that says DANGER MALES: I AM INTERSEXUAL, and therefore the iron and carbon pressures me and accuses me of being "gay" or "poop" or "a fag".

And then it begins to "save the poor innocent men from finding me attractive" by... trying to pressure me with soil and turn me into what straight males look like.

Doesn't that mean straight males are "gay and poop and fags"?

I don't feel any attraction towards manly looking bodies or anal sex or penises, since I know 100% that manly bodies are suffering in ways that women don't... so please stop blaming me for other people's sexual fantasies. THANKS.


It should also be noted that most of this pressure is "carbon deciding to pressure inward on anything out of the ordinary", and then draw iron's attention to it, so that whatever carbon is thinking like in the area can manipulate the planet and sun through the electromagnetic shields while iron obsesses over one individual and no one else will ever figure it out.


life can imagine almost anything it wants to and make it a reality...

So I guess carbon wants to imagine having control over everything but to feel no responsibility for the effects it has on the rest of the Universe?


then the iron pressure remained but the carbon pressure reversed and I felt very loud.  And everything I did seemed to get exaggerated through the communication of the elements... so maybe very far away from me someone else is hearing what they think to be an extreme or impulsive and overpowering person... even though I am just sitting near a balcony relaxing quietly and catching my journal up because something elemental asked me to.



All of spirituality in this planet's history: "YOU'RE NUMBER TWO! YOU'RE NUMBER TWO! I HAVE A VAGINA, AND YOU'RE MY NUMBER TWO!"

Do most of the soil pressures make manhood in males? YES.

Do you think that means womanhood is "avoiding pressure by being silent and never having opinions"?

Because I know otherwise.


also, this is from a few days ago, forgot to share it earlier:

In the east, we have a culture in China that has existed for thousands of years... and most of their mindset is to create a valuable balance-state, by isolating pressures that should go on land owners and the wealthy and the rulers... and they label those pressures Yin or Yang, and then attempt to drive those fundamental elemental pressures into extreme blackness and whiteness... and in the west we are noticing cultures that have grown up being manipulated by Tao Te Ching: such as a melting pot where common sense is the idea that the elements are insane and too extreme... and that pressures and the differences they have created are either meaningless or WORSE... the materials we live inside being "evil" and thus money has risen up as the equalizer and the wealthy are heroes that offer comfort that the elements and spirits of thousands of years of Taijitsu were unable to provide.

especially since The White Teardrop is tired of "Yin jinu Yang" and would prefer to create meaning and enjoyment in life, rather than throw itself in directions where its pressure is not WANTED.

All of this "variety" and "noise" and "backwards talking iron" is simply to reject the idea that there IS a correct pathway, and the idea that our Galaxy's recipe for evolution is capable of creating a "perfect being"... of which we are the possibly furthest along that pathway on this planet's surface.

in other words, while creating a melting pot culture seems to be the next step in evolution, "meaningless variety and ignorance of functional differences" is against the will of life itself.

the solution: we need soil that is very costly and peaceful to its "correct pathway" owners, and people whose minds are ultra violent and insane.

yes... this will solve much!

or change nothing because that's what we already have.

So anyways, if your culture decided that "the correct pathway" is to purchase some land and live as the most immortal beings of the planet, then you are heading down an insane path China is already exploring... where you are trying to create "full of shit" looking perfect beings, and all of society will go insane because your perfect beings are inferior to anything that doesn't own land. *rollseyes*

The correct pathway is to share.

That isn't code for rape, lie, harass, trick, outwit, or dominate.

That means building mutually beneficial relationships and trust.


An element is forcing a pressure on me that feels like a starving hungry shark, and it says, if land owners are supposed to solve all the problems, who is going to solve the problems of the Aquatic life?

My main question is: why is it asking me? If it doesn't think land owners are capable of solving the problems of the planet, then why is it trying to pressure a poor person to "prove" that "ignorance is bliss" and the only correct pathway is domination and lies and secrecy?

The correct solution is to "follow the money". If someone makes their living on the aquatic life remaining, then they need to be the ones to feel the pressure of the concerns the elements have about aquatic life.


Rigor Mortis and the secret plasma transition: theory is when we are welcome in the elements, upon death our bodies will not grow solid and hard, but instead begin turning into the pure spirit material of plasma. "But humans ARE welcome in the elements." Then is that further evidence that the trickery necessary to run gender backwards has screwed humanity for centuries?


I have a lot of empathy and overlap in my life with transgender women and I'm happy to see some movement to fight back against sexist female "bull-ers" (as opposed to a male picking on a victim, who is a bull-ee).…
It's Time to End the Long History of Feminism Failing Transgender Women | Bitch Media

As I stated earlier, I don't want to hate females or oppress them, but the experiences I've lived through seem to only make sense... when I am certain beyond doubt that females are the group spiritually oppressing males and everything else on this planet.


Earlier I heard a voice in the atmosphere say, "Okay you're poppa".

For the past couple hours, elemental pressure is now complaining that I have sulfur in my immune system. I can feel something pressing on my throat and breathing passages (aka where sulfur gathers in our mucous). It keeps trying to "pop" my vocal cords and complains that I am "too thirsty".

I wasn't thirsty or hungry before getting "labeled", and can feel that something is trying to make my nervous system horizontal, instead of vertical. And there are moments where I am able to correct the pressure, and my posture straightens and the thirst immediately disappears, and my body feels normal and human again.

I am not speaking, I am in public around people being completely normal.

I don't feel carbon pressing on me very much or trying to talk through my skin, but Iron definitely has me very loud (which I don't mind as long as these harassments stop).


Its pretending to be males living as women that hate women.

I said I believe in EQUALITY, and if life wants to pressure people with iron and carbon and other gendering-pressures, that IT NEEDS TO FOLLOW THE MONEY OR PRESSURE ONLY FEMALES THAT HAVE CHILDREN.

I am not displaying a "manly level" of money or wealth, and I don't have children.


Build Heaven or Die.
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