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Last Of My Older Large Art Pendants by porkshanks
Last Of My Older Large Art Pendants
Just what it says, these are the last 3 of my larger art pendants made around 2010 and 2011.

The White Shape, The Chordist Diviner Loupe, and Honesty.

Brass and steel, crystal and iron... all made in authentic vintage and antique findings (not new store bought items).

These one of a kind (never duplicated) pieces are for sale for $75 each by Waking Antiquity.

please email with the name of the piece you are interested in the title, for payment info.
Keep Em Rolex Rolex Rolex Hatpin by porkshanks
Keep Em Rolex Rolex Rolex Hatpin
A brash and bold hatpin for the front of your favorite bowler or top hat.

Made with part of a silver Rolex fork and authentic vintage and antique findings (not new store bought items) the keys are from the 60s and the brass clockwork is from the late 1800s or early 1900 pocket watches.

This one of a kind (never duplicated) piece is for sale for $50 by Waking Antiquity.

please email with the name of the piece you are interested in the title, for payment info.
The Golden Apple Key by porkshanks
The Golden Apple Key
Brass and steel, crystal golden heart key... made in authentic vintage and antique findings (not new store bought items).

This one of a kind (never duplicated) piece is for sale for $50 by Waking Antiquity.

please email with the name of the piece you are interested in the title, for payment info.
One Lapel Pin To Rule Them All by porkshanks
One Lapel Pin To Rule Them All
Made as a tongue in cheek tribute to the classic fantasy story The Lord of The Rings... with authentic vintage and antique findings (not new store bought items), with a real vintage glass taxidermy eye, and wood beads.  Its quite tall, length is about 4 inches.

The antique brass key is from my grandfather's collection going back to the 1920s, and it says "BELL LOCK" on it... hope you get the reference  =)

This one of a kind (never duplicated) piece is for sale for $40 by Waking Antiquity.

please email with the name of the piece you are interested in the title, for payment info.
Elementalist Wands by porkshanks
Elementalist Wands
Made from antique findings, ancient crystals and stones (rose quartz crystal, fire opal, amethyst), bone, wood, and new beadwork. (these are very delicate.  the length of each is about 3 inches long)

The top one is steel and bone base, the bottom one is brass and wood base.

This one of a kind (never duplicated) piece is for sale for $50 each by Waking Antiquity.

please email with the name of the piece you are interested in the title, for payment info.
When life is more successful than death in this star system, the gatherers of wealth will be fighting to convince everything that they ARE building heaven.


It just informed me that other people's property has passed as the perfect pathway that survives this planet... and since the entire point of passing that test is to be welcome in the elements, and at peace with the world, and to eventually learn how to transform into plasma and return to the stellar level...

Other people's property can only pass it by talking backwards:

sounding like a successful human being, but acting almost the opposite...

...causing everything on the planet to operate backwards, to keep the planet from dissolving as pure spirit material.


I'm certain that people "get" that womanhood is being at peace with the elements, and that manhood is a human body at war with the life around them.

The goal of a sane society should be to expand peace to encompass more than basic reproduction and blending in with plants and trees... to also include things like westerners enjoy doing.


How would you communicate these ideas with images our sounds... to non english speaking places?


It just said, "expanding womanhood is not righteous, because human gender is a scam to build a culture at war with the elements they live in, yet still have one perpetual victim group that appears innocent and peaceful."

That's only true in places where females are oppressed, and only males can participate in the culture.


Something yelled my birth name through a microwave sound frequency!

Since going back to my old name and identity is moving towards less peacefulness with the elements, whatever it is yelling my old name is simply looking for a fight.

I'm not interested in fighting.

If this planet won't defend the humans that are trying to live in peace with it, then why should life continue here at all?


The people Wisconsin's elements talk to need to understand the fundamental ideas behind burning man.

Whatever the iron and soil take on as their opinions need to be isolated from the human digestion system.

So when the soil itself is trying to be the perfect immortal pathway of this star system, by ensuring a perpetual ecosystem...

Not only is the soil attempting to thwart the mass building desires of the sun and other planets, it is attempting to break human immortality and digestion and take over our nervous systems with "other people's property" serving opinions.

In other words, human bodies are meant to be potentially undying because they are consistently renewed by tissues made up of cells that work together to create a "perfect being"... at the cost of the lives of the cells.

When people believe the soil "wins" as the perfect being... humans themselves become the cells enslaved into building cultural tissues that serve the creation of potentially immortal constructs such as government, business, or ecosystems... at the cost of the lives of the humans.


But if the soil is winning because the property owners speaking through it are LYING (something I doubt cellular tissues are complex enough to do)...

Then human potential immortality is being torn apart by the soil attempting to outlive us, but never actually achieving the heavenly state necessary to transform the mass of this planet into a state capable of leaving and exploring the rest of the universe as a peaceful immortal.

So other people's soil property is essentially enslaving us elementally to build cultures that are NOT perfect... not worth dying for.

...making the death of the populace a sacrifice for a "greater good" that never happens.


AND since the soil is trying to be a perpetual imperfect ecosystem... the best response of the human nervous system is to isolate that idea and be certain of our own perfection... but to also seek to tear the planet's ecosystem and its non-heavenly tissues apart.

What property owners will call "an ugly mind scaring mass away", will eventually become obvious... the sane and superior opinion of the rest of the universe outside those landowners who want all of to die building perpetually imperfect nightmare biomes.

All because a human can plan to eventually evolve into a spirit being that leaves our planet as pure light...

But none of the dominators of the soil are prepared to allow the material of this planet itself to do the same.


Anyways, that's my interpretation of why thousands of people gather in a desert and build a cellular tissue shaped city and burn down a giant man shaped icon made of wood and metal.


To wit: as long at the soil of the planet is trying to be UNDYING YANG, if you care about trying to make this culture we live in sustainable, you will look like you are full of shit.


I think the soil is starting to believe that the sun can make or unmake almost anything at will, and that there's almost no point in being anything other than heaven on earth.

The Earth itself must remain a firey hellish pit where God does not shine, and Heaven's angels can not share even one cup of water. (talking backwards).


If this is heaven, there is a way to gain uv ray protection, I'd love to be darker. What is the righteous path to having uv ray protection?

Unless of course, "heaven for plants" is having a claim over black people as their chosen physical labor...but then it would be nice for people to know that sort of thing.

If we are breaking this planet for heaven, then I'd like to start making the darkness desire to join Yang and become lighter.

dark things that control large masses of light are almost the definition of "imbalance and exploding mass"...

Unless of course they are trying to improve and build heaven and are attractively hopeful and fun.


That one family in that one business that dominates that one planet that runs on that one form of currency used by that one race of people:

Are they building heaven or breaking this star system?


In addition to the white teardrop of the falcon, star wars has another interesting symbol that is worth talking about:

The empire. Not only is it symbolized by a six toothed gear, its actually an illustration of an axel's brake.

Imagine the white outer pieces moving inward, and locking the center gear.

White moving inward... and the six sided hex of Saturn represents the empire's evil "quickest path seekers", the sith.

Aware that there are always two, because they cannot rest until there is only one.

How can Obi wan be surprised at Anakin in episode 3, for joining the sith?

The sith are the most powerful spiritual awareness of center-seeking... The sith ARE the balance of the galaxy.…

The answer, is that obi wan is either an idiot that doesn't understand the force, or the sith, or he is lying. And since we saw him turn into pure force in episode 4... and he was intentionally deceptive to Luke Skywalker about his father...

I believe he was trying to build heaven, and that he attempts to minimise negativity by lying.


But this brings a strange new idea...

The best and possibly the only way to stop a sith warrior is by convincing them that they have found a true heaven.

They are the righteous binders of everything, and the truest mind of the force... The builders of the galaxy and protectors of life.

If you care about anything on the planet they visit, you have to "kill them with kindness".

Anything else you throw at them should fall away like dust thrown at the sun.

This is what makes a true sith worker the most powerful and feared being.



The jedi speak of "the chosen one, to bring balance" (clearly the unity that all true sith seek), and the force did not allow them to foresee the evil rise of Palpatine right in front of them...

because they were inside the powerful mind of the sith holding the galaxy together.


Theory: as long as the elements remain aware of yang or our sun being attractive and inviting as a gravity well, almost nothing that happens on this planet matters because we are literally a distraction or entertainment source from the long boring journey of reaching the center of the galaxy.


Best response to that so far, is that our star system doesn't seem to be moving towards the center of the galaxy, so really... unless we are going to figure out something faster than light itself... anything we do is not simply a distraction...

putting mass into this star system is suicide.

Especially this planet that nothing seems to ever leave but street lights and spaceships.


That's why I say "build heaven or be consumed by those who have already."

If this star system isn't going to actively build heaven, then the smartest thing we can do is break it apart and move our mass back towards some place better.

There are places that have spent thousands of years building pleasure and fun and adding meaning to life, instead of simply trying to make money control everything.

They are hungry for raw mass to continue their enjoyment indefinitely... and they believe that anything not actively building heaven must be full of suffering, and therefore a righteous target to break and eat.


I awoke today with memories of interactions with spider spirits that were especially important in 2009... but have been in my life from the early 80s through the present.

1. Spiders may be more elemental than us, due to being smaller and less complex, and built more in tune with elemental pressures... better prepared to live as hand and eyes of the elements themselves.

2. Celestial objects such as galaxies, stars, and planets may be held together with special frequency spider silk that exists outside limited human perception.

3. When one of these galactic silk threads breaks, it means the planet has gotten one more thread closer to breaking away from the rest of our center of gravity.

4. aurora borealis has glowing lines in it because the effect is caused by one of the lines breaking. The awareness this brings to the elements it touches, creates a disturbance, and communication about an emergency state that causes the atmosphere to begin to behave very differently than normal.

5. I have no way to prove any of this, but its been communicated to me many times over the years, and I was shown a huge amount of fascinating things involving gravity and human understanding of reality getting bent or broken while this spider awareness was teaching me.


Build Heaven or Die.
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