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On Death and Immunity Flooding:

If I notice carbon "inward" pressure, and I don't want to be bald or have facial hair, then my immune system must put the pressure on "big hair's" "livestock system".

And if I notice iron pressure making me loud, and I don't own land yet... then my immune system needs to put the pressure on wealthy land owners until rent lowers, or they begin giving away free land to share with the poor.


Every celebrity death, any death for that matter... is a reminder of what we are losing. A signpost showing us what the elements are murdering. Human bodies trying to hold together and make something of value. We can turn around and change what we pressure and murder. when life shows you an "asian cheap-labor-either-way-oppression and pedophilia fantasy", tell them that seeking equality is more fun for the pedo and the phile (who will not be pedos or philes any more when they are both becoming the same perfect being), and you'll actually get more real "work" done too... it just won't be work designed to waste life.

The melting pot is not supposed to be the weapon of an asian spirituality that nothing survives and has been dominating everything for thousands of years. The American equality mindset has been based on the Bell Book and Candle rite, that is meant to prove Cin's "exploding teardrop of life having to balance against the infinite blackness of space" wrong. De-extreme, find the greys, re-center, un-label. America isn't supposed to be a self-destructive consumer culture, its should stand as an antidote to the modern weaponized-soil mindset... long ago created by females of China using their spiritual womanhood to righteously deflect the soil, but who were eventually tricked into settling for an incorrect path that lead to an exploitive livestock system that was forced on everything.

being an American melting pot doesn't survive when its trying to be all of the signal from the most limited and uneducated things overwriting the most peaceful and learned people... trying to de-volve the best people into insane animals IS what kills us. America can grant the freedom to be sexual however people want to, but it needs to be all the kinds of love other than sex...

life keeps trying to complain about the sounds shared by worms and hunting birds... and then it begins to complain about thirsty shriveling worms... and then it tries to force the worm dna on my body... I'm not the source of complaining about a sound that humans might have misinterpreted as a "hymen popping"... but I know if the elements are complaining about that sound, that our soil is under attack.

now the sulfur is communicating dogs engaging in bacteria-favoring. Why are you trying to be chinese people's digestive system consuming humans through the soil of America?

I don't need the extremely "inward" carbon pressures of starving worms to be forced on my body... I don't dominate the ecosystem and control the weather. I share food with wild animals to give them some stability in life.


What Breaks if our soil tries to be perfect, in an imperfect world?

Consider this statement and see how it parses:

People who attempt to oppress others will be full of shit looking, because the soil is trying to oppress the wealthy into sharing their bounty of gifts with the poor and the wild. Meanwhile, those who seek freedom and fun and learning will inspire the stellar life to collborate with them. This is the antidote to "dirty minds, pretty bodies".


"you were Jesus once" okay soil, you were Jesus... and what did we learn from Jesus? "That wealthy heroes of money will always keep their digestive system running by proving the elements are the villain"

Also, the mindset that attempted to take over my life by labeling me "Libie" (chinese isolation) may actually be a chinese elemental collaboration that noticed I was too adept at rejecting their extremism and black and white labeling. It may have actually been thousands of Asian female masters of Taijitsu hearing that America was beginning to embrace equality and freedom, and they decided to isolate my lifelong intersexual/trans spirit-collaboration. When I started realizing that avoiding pregnancy, being against the sexualization of children into puberty, and becoming a woman... all meant I had gained the immortality of the correct pathway through the star system and beyond... That's why it began to complain that I was "being oppressive to Eastern parents". MY DIGESTIVE SYSTEM was pooping out any one that was a parent, and I didn't know. That's also why I suddenly found myself arguing against black men and women that fell for the "you must be correct mating" tricks of the livestock system.

(imagine I am not being racist, but that I am using the word black the way Taijitsu does)

"but you say you are trying to reject sexuality and be a woman. How do you explain that to people who think you are being oxymoronic?" When I was a woman, was the only time in my life that I was happy with my body AND didn't feel any sexual desire for anyone else, and didn't notice any pressure on my body to make me do or say things against my will. So its the only time I felt inspired to make the art I wanted to make and to explore life without feeling like a sword was hanging over me waiting for any mistake to kill me. Also, not being able to see a woman as anything but "sex" is an oppressive patriarchy mindset that I don't share in. It partly comes from growing up intersexual, and it partly comes from realizing my lymph, blood, digestive, and respiratory systems all started working normally for the first time ONLY when I was feeling comfortable as a woman... and that any attack on my body's womanhood was designed to unbalance me and send my body into extreme blacks and whites of behavior.

"why do the elements keep helping you and defending you, you keep saying the elements are always the villain?" Because I am an inspiring part of the ultimate villain to Asian Taijitsu's pedophilia and greed and oppression.

"But that means you were living on the planet, without allowing the soil to have any influence over your life." No. The soil chooses who it protects by living as their immune system.

btw Seaquest 2021 is even funnier to me when I imagine that it was my carbon and iron flooded family being super loud... to people who believed gender was being applied backwards, so the genders of the characters are the opposite of their real life counterparts.

Mork didn't mean "mor k" it meant "you can't replace Everything with putting together 1 less-than."


Can Men "Win" By being Manly?

"IF we've demonstrated that life got out of balance because of female Taijitsu masters thousands of years ago... and that America's equality and sharing is the antidote to it... does that mean we CAN be successful with "men being manly" and have THAT protected by an immune system?" If that is what you are looking for... the word "man" to be associated with a human who is being protected by an immune system... you have a lot of work to do, but I believe you can do it.

(remember, the oppressors of fatherhood and Taijitsu are still called "men"... and I think it's going to take a lot to change that situation. I also wonder if you are going to ask females to call themselves men, or if this means you want your immune system to only attack females?

please note that if its wrong to flood people and kill them for being "women" or "female", then it should be just as wrong to flood someone only for being a "man" or "male".

...but the soil is always going to be a villain, so maybe if its protecting someone a female doesn't want to have equality with, and tries to target their difference and label them a male or a man... some soil-flooded females is EXACTLY what they will end up as?

That"s why the people with the perfectly working bodies need to argue FOR equality... and not simply sit on their superiority. If the healthy human body is associated only with sex organs, sexist gambits will reflect negatively on them.


Can Women "Win" without Equality?

ELEMENTS, I believe in equality, please try to demonstrate there is something louder than me in the world.

Everything was fine in my apartment, but when I got near the roads, crbon monoxide tried touching me, and complaining tht I am feeding birds who mke a popping noise to attract worms to their mouths... carbon monoxide, I don't touch you, why don't you respect my body enough to not single me out and keep from intentionally touching me?


What are the most evolved beings supposed to eat?

idea: we should have iron make murderers the loudest people on the planet, to find out if its the best or worst thing... and please for fucks sake don't make me write any more. I already explained that due to my history I always will put the pressure on land owners and post-pregnant females. Its not what I enjoy doing, its what must happen for my survival and to keep my digestive system working.


On Elements, Animals, and Empathy in an Livestock System:

I awoke this morning noticing the elements were trying to make my mouth look huge and were giving me a pregnant belly. It tried to convince me that I was being punished because a man had been having gross fantasies about me... but this culture obviously doesn't attack the victims of rape... so it was clearly a sexist woman using the unethical livestock system they set up to harm me... for threatening her domination. Until life is trying to heal my body and give me an equal opportunity to be xx chromosome female, the pregnancy and overpopulation pressure need to be on females only. That's the only way they will learn empathy for what they are doing to half the society by claiming superiority over males and intersexuals and especially anyone threateningly "in between". and if they try to sound innocent and say they are oppressed, being the loudest thing on the planet is what they NEED to escape their oppression.

It keeps telling me names of females who masturbate to who attack my childhood by masturbating over me. Why are these pedophile women NOT being made loud and challenged about their disease the way males and intersexuals are? It was made clear that this culture doesn't blame the victims of rape over the last couple centuries... why is my spiritual rape being blamed on ME by punishing ME with a giant mouth and pregnant looking belly while I'm sleeping?

I don't think someone is taking my 20 year quest to isolate pedophilia and keep it out of my life very seriously... since something keeps trolling child sexuality at me or accusing me of participating in it. I spent 10 years fighting off any sexual imagery from my life and my mind and my spirit. That is not something done lightly or frivolously. I was told that is what I would have to do if I wanted to be a woman... make sure that I kept sexual pressure from children... and to remain as much like a child of God as I could... not giving birth and not being wasteful or harmful. So to become successful in that quest, only to suddenly be attacked by spirits of masturbating females attempting to sexualize ME into their flesh fantasy... and to then have to spend years writing a journal to figure this all out and share these ideas with others... there is NO WAY that I will accept being molested spiritually now.

I'm told it was sulfur attacking 2-th decay... but something keeps trying to send nasty smelling crap at my mouth... if you are ATTACKING tooth decay, then why are you CAUSING it to begin with? "You tried to put the pressure of pregancy and overpopulation on females... anyone who does that gets 2-th decay." So tooth decay is something in the soil elements that is CERTAIN that females should never be held responsible for overpopulation or pregnancy?

okay... if females or mothers speficially are not responsible for pregnancy, the what ARE they responsible for?

alright! still being pressured, and nothing is reponding to me, so this is bullshit. Going back to sleep! WAKE ME UP WHEN YOU WANT ME HERE.


so I'm laaying here noticing the soil in my bowels trying to make a solid to plasma transition or take over my nervous system... and it feels like sickle cell anemia trying to talk at me through the soil. And then it worked out who pressures black males with iron and taunts them with "poopsticks".... there are two kinds of melanin: brown and ginger... and when gingers are certin they are immortal children of God fighting puberty and brown melanin's "correct rape of children" mindset... both kinds of melanin noise cancel each other as "white skin". sounds sort of plausible... a non-racist ginger that accepted the oppressive forced-puberty and rape of children of the livestock system that began way back in the Eastern spiritualites... would therefore end up with a big pregnant looking belly and soil taking over her nervous system? maybe that explains why my mom looks like shit sometimes?

so what are blondes then? How do they fit into this?

also, I am reminded of the Emperor's elite guard being red suited. And Cardinals in the Papacy... this is record of consistency to these ideas.

That makes the character of The Doctor wanting to be a ginger a meaningful desire, and not simply a shallow whim.

something is making part of our country really firm in its belief tthat we need to destroy black people who don't believe in equality and or trying to be white... is it scientists beginning to prove this stuff to the elements?

My body keeps trying to cry out that there is too much soil pressure on it.. and the reasons given to me today have been: "you live near sexual elderly people", "you wrote something about race for the elements", "you had sex with someone once", "you help animals, and they have sex".


Pregnancy as the Soil's Perfect Villain:

Woke up hearing the family of wild turkeys (that I feed) making their cute little noises through the elements. the elements said "you helped them, so were giving you a long neck." problems with this scenario: 1. hearing the jibber jabber of turkeys isn't helping or changing the length of my neck in the slightest way. 2. making innocent wild animals super loud in the iron is probably not going to help them either. 3. this is louder than murderers and rapists and abusive or neglectful mothers?

I was looking at a fanart of Groot, and it said "hey maybe tht black woman's voice in uv rays is really from the trees?" Then where are all the tree loving black people? If being protected by uv rays means you are serving the mind of the forest... then why are all the ecologically minded black people I respect on the "white and masculline and yang" end of Taijitsu extremist labeling? THIS ISN'T RACISM TO ME, I BELIEVE THAT EVOLUTION IS ENGINEERED TO CREATE ONE RIGHTEOUS RACE AND THAT EVERY LIVING BEING SHOULD BE TRYING TO EVOLVE INTO THAT PERFECT RACE... and that race eats anything different from it because of MEANINGFUL DIFFERENCES. I don't hate any black people or females, I demand to be a dark skinned female because that is what a functionally superior human will be like, and instead of telling me how I can earn those traits, the elements have been trying to lie to me and convince people we are making "variety that ignores functional differences and treats everyone the same, EXCEPT FOR THE ANIMALS."

Things I would like to hear: the suffering of Anna Horton who lived upstairs from me at Pasadena Place, Sarah Beckett who touched my body and hurt me, and the black female science fiction writer from Kerrie Miller's party where all the trans and intersexual and homosexual people at the party were huddled up in a corner being crushed with carbon pressure in 2005. I want equality... when I'm a black female, I won't seek to hear them howling with suffering as the loudest people any more. Time to melting pot up or give up, America. NO YOU WILL NOT CONVINCE ME THAT WE NEED FAKE VARIETY OF DIFFERENT SKIN COLORS THAT HAVE DIFFERENT ABILITIES THROUGH THE ELEMENTS WHILE THE CULTURE IS TOLD TO IGNORE THOSE DIFFERENCES AND PRETEND THEY DON'T EXIST. LIVE IS TO BE LIVED, IRON. I WANT TO LIVE IT. ACCORDING TO SKIN COLOR AND GENDER, LIVING RIGHTEOUSLY WILL MEAN LIVING AS A DARK SKINNED FEMALE, AND THAT IS BASED ON HOW THE ELEMENTS BUILD SKIN COLOR AAND GENDER.

well, it was just allowing someone to talk at me, and it said "explain it with science", and when I tried to respond by saying "I already have explained it with science" the carbon pressure and iron pressure changed what they were focusing on, and i suddenly found myself talking to the birds in the forest near me... so I said hello kindly to them... since my disagreement isn't with wild forest animals.

If I am loudest Yang, then do you want me to wash myself clean, or am I fine with a little dirt on me? Do you understand that I am not hating living beings but the differences between us? Because I don't see those poor innocent birds doing anything to deserve being eaten... they share with each other and communicate and survive... and that's about it! What I want to be eating as "not my race" is greedy people who won't share land or who attempt to create a monopoly over birth and skin color... especially one based on lies that tell me I can't ever be like them. THAT IS AN ATTEMPT TO KEEP ME OUT OF THE RIGHTEOUSLY EVOLVING RACE THAT IS THE ALPHA OMNIVORE PREDATOR OF THIS STAR SYSTEM... THAT IS A LIVESTOCK SYSTEM. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO MAKE THIS ANY CLEARER.

When you add up what we know about skin color and gender, and this culture trying to make womanhood based on being born with a vagina and nothing else.... then letting that culture play out would be insane and suicidal for a white male, especially if you want to convince white males that there is nothing they can do to earn becoming a dark skinned woman or female.

and then if you add the layer of Taijitsu...

Iron's pregnancy/menstruation loudness being mostly on males and Carbon's "Big Hair" livestock system of false accusations...

and the heaping pile of female spiritual writers through history:

It becomes all the more clear that the elements have been trying to *perfectly* play a female villain, and males through history are guilty of NOT SENDING THEIR IMMUNE SYSTEMS TO FLOOD THE FEMALES AND HOLD THEM RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR IMPACT ON THE REST OF THE UNIVERSE.


On Manly Men and Evolution:

Telling me that I can never earn the functionality offered by dark skin and womanhood naturally... is telling me that I was born to be nothing more than food for the most evolved omnivore predators of this star system.

carbon just tried to take over my nervous system by arguing that I am not de-volved enough to be "the least evolved animals in the righteous omnivore predator's livestock system"... because I use technology and clothing.

I don't like the idea of money based evolutionary advancement. That makes it nearly impossible for livestock and the ecosystem to escape from their oppression by the exploitation of omnivore predators.

I believe the most evolved righteous omnivores will be the ones that are not forced into puberty against their will... since that would prove they are not being targetted by the livestock system. 

AKA: ageless children of God, or women inspired and happy to mate.

Reminder: Women can wear any clothing they want to.

This seems to be an attempt by the East to prove that oppressing and raping is superior to inspiring equality.

Does anyone want to bet that the soil itself wants to end up being the ultimate omnivore predator of this star system?

Does anyone think the galaxy WANTS to evolve the soil into the ultimate omnivore lifeform?


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