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"Create the most awesome looking stuff we can make, and then have the characters insult the hell out it. It suggests they are spoiled by the awareness of even better."

This is one of the mindsets of the original trilogy that seems to have gotten lost by the middle of Empire Strikes Back, and when the prequels came around, it became "okay here is the sleek and new stuff that everyone is spoilled by". Making myths and entertaining stories is important for our society... storytelling and film making is really one of the unspoken strengths of our culture.

I think the prequels were attempting a greater feat, that of trying to show the imprressive stuff, rather than only hint at it... and to some people they failed because allowing the audience to fill in the details with their own imagination is safer in some ways... such is the "coolness" of Boba Fett or the might of the Empire. We never actually see the Empire's fleet in a full out battle until Return of the Jedi, and by then our attention is on the more subtle things happening... the shield issue, Luke confronting the Emperor... the rebel fleet battling vs the Empire's navy is a background detail. Because wars are great equalizers and we are seeing the story of the special things going on that influence that battle one way or the other... the fall of the physical technology protecting the Death Star II, and the battle of "The Last Jedi" vs the aging Sith Master and his apprentice that called himself The Master to HIS original master two films ago.

The unspoken thing here is that we see the rebel fleet escaping and running time after time, from the appearance of The Empire's Star Destroyers... the Rebels actions never once assume that they can do anything but run and hide, and that instills the films with unspoken drama. And when Luke shows some self confidence in Empire, Vader hands him his own hand and then deals him the mental shock that Obiwan and Yoda should have prepared him for, but didn't. This suggests that The Force they channel is actually AGAINST Luke. Its setting him up to fail in some huge ways. Its almost like its saying "You took out the Death Star like I wanted you to, now I'm done with you... and if you keep pushing this Jedi thing, I'm going to put you through a living hell just for my own amusement." And so it seems to.

The unspoken reason everyone thinks of Darth Vader as a bad ass villain, is becausse all of the hints in his storyline suggest that even though he is not very respected by the Empire's Naval officers.... and even though The Emperor claims greater power than him as a Sith... the film is following Darth Vader because HE is the thing we should be paying attention to.

HE is the real threat here worth watching. He is the apprentice that calls himself a Master behind his Master's back. He offers Luke a chance to join him and take over the Galaxy with him... an offer that doesn't quite sound like he's asking his son to join the Imperial navy... and then we have the quote from Lucas himself in the early 90s that "The stories of Star Wars is the story of the life of Darth Vader". And no one seemed to argue. The unspoken disappointment about the prequels was the way Anakin was portrayed. He seemed too flippant and happy as a child to be from a slave family on a desert world. and there is simply not much else about him to see.

We see him trying to impress Obiwan, and getting angry at the Jedi Code that forbids love... and his weird relationship that should have seemed more passionate and dirty and spontaneous than it did with Padme... they should have shown Anakin as a repsected young warrior. This is the man who grows up to be the right hand man of The Emperor. He should have scared the crap out of Obiwan most of the time with his fury and ability to kill. That also sets him up as something exciting and protective and uniquely powerful for Padme to notice and fall for. I personally think Padme should have been a more interesting character... show HER dark side by seducing Anakin. It plays against his assumption about her being a space angel... "See Anakin, I told you I'm no angel" becomes a memorable quote and a turning point for the characters. Instead, the prequels offered these epic galaxy shaping characters and their emotions are played like 6 year olds in puppy love. Its so jarring it makes the audience uncomfortable.

So what is the ultimate unspoken story of Star Wars?

I've already written in depth that I believe we are seeing the story of the Force being manipulated by technology and starting to wake up to that reality. The Force shows itself as a hyperdimensional presense over and over, and then we have ships using hyperdrive and light sabres that I believe are not "physics breaking" if they are understood to be anchor points for hyperdimensional pressures / materials. And then I wrote one step further by suggesting the technology that creates hyperdrives actually influences the force itself... filling it with data and strands of information that it may not be fully aware of or understand... and that the Techno Union Army that controls this techology is using the Force like a puppet to play the Empire's government and any corporate competition for idiots... they literally manipulated the Sith into power because they are the ones who are most addicted to giving in to the darker whims of the Force. The Perfect Puppets!

But is there any evidence of this in the films?

YES. "The chosen one to bring balance back to the force" outright states that the Force KNOWS something is wrong... and that its trying to find balance. How else would a living mass of hyperdimensional connective energy like The Force try to communicate that something is PUSHING on it and sending IT off balance than with those words? It didn't say "bring balance to the Sith or the Jedi"... The Force itself. So that brings us back to Darth Vader... clearly planning to take over the Galaxy... clearly unhappy in The Empire and seeking more... and known to be one of the most powerful and sensitive Force users. And now he's one of the LAST. and its obvious that he's going to be the one who sees enough of the big strokes and be aware enough of technology to see the connection... hyperdrive interacts with the Force. the Techno Union Army is unopposed and getting richer by the decade while the Empire runs around like its personal plaything. So he investigates.

I honestly believe this is the story that Star Wars was written to tell... the discovery of an ancient culture of technology users who actually engineered splitting the Galaxy into 3 dimensional life... and easy-to-program hyperdimensional life. I believe The Force is actually all the living mass that is aware that the technology programming it is WRONG about something... even if The Force is actually not fully aware that Technology is being used to control it. And thus the creation of The One: trained in Jedi and Sith, very sensitive to The Force... and yet raised with an aptitude in technology... but the key factor is that he's from one of the poorest families possible. Because that IS what he is meant to uncover... he is exactly the opposite of the sort of person the programming of the Techno Union Army is designed to create: a galaxy full of dull humanoid livestock to sell the use of "magical" and awesomely costly hyperdimensional technology to. The Techno Union Army's Heaven is a consumer base.

Remember Vader will discover that the Techno Union Army's system talks backwards from everything he has ever experienced or known through The Force.

And this is where the name Star Wars takes on an entirely new and deeper meaning to the series: The engineers that split the Galaxy into 3 dimensional life "livestock" and easy-to-control hyperdimensional mass... were the ones that created planets and Stars. The sources of The Force's power are the stars themselves... possibly still hyperdimensionally connected together more than we might otherwise guess... peering down upon millions of planets at the same time. ...and I already talked about Vader's clone at the end of "Jedi" being obvious clone... and so this sets up the re-appearance of Darth Vader as a new kind of Force wielding warrior... and with the goal of using both Rebel and Imperial against an ancient reality-programming tech culture. which could be really fun to watch because it would bring an entirely new element of mindfuckery and hi-tech "magic" into the story. Instead of simply sending little blasts of energy at each other... the laws of reality themselves get involved as star systems wake.

but the subversive and fundamental nature of this story is exactly WHY I asked the question, "Are we evolving livestock to escape their machines, or are we a planet of predators?" answered with silence or noise... and that's a hint that the ideas underlying this story are not quite as fictional as most assume.

That also may shed some light on why Mr. Lucas is so pressured and yet never able to see these threads within his own story... or why he MAY have seen them and became afraid to tell it this way. If I could meet him, THIS is the topic that I would ask him about.


The story of America will not be that Men "won" by being manly. That form of lazy predation is already claimed by much older cultures that have demonstrated a greater willingness to oppress and murder females. Inspire America to a different pathway. I believe in equality... or failing that... even embracing a "woman's only society", and then disassociating gender from genitals and making womanhood mean something more than "she's ready to make babies for the livestock system". If you make womanhood the "mating group" and have some level of meaningful expectation of womanhood, but still allow them freedom and the right to choose or reject their own mates, then womanhood is not a "livestock system".

Heard something realize that having different sets of names for males and females doesn't serve the interests of males. So if you are an evil oppressive overlord male that wants to play ultimate predator... you need a woman's name for a nickname. You could brag about your rentall situation and call yourself "On a lease", or "Lease-a" or claim to be following the sun's heat, and call yourself "Liz", or brag about yourself satanically as a lack of truth, with "lies-a". Or claim to be the antidote to Taijitsu extremism, as "Heather". remind people of hyperdimensional possibilities, with "Ana" or "Kata". Remind people what your body rejects with "Sandy", or find your inner angel's cutting edge with "Sarah" (seraphim, serrated). The list goes on... if men really want to play "dirty", they should improve their name with a womanly makeover. Otherwise, just accept your role and let your body get taken over by soil pressure and start planning a great funeral that won't return your flesh to the ecosystem.

I've been repeating the same anti-sexualization of chidren / pro womanhood as evolved "elementally accepted predator" message for most of a decade. Life presented me with a huge amount of noise to challenge me, and yet here it remains. Its very unlikely I'm wrong. Americans should embrace being women, and show other societies that womanhood is meant to be righteous and healthy when unbound by oppressive and abusive manipulation pulling them down.

Remember the sun is mostly protons and electrons, nd the wealth of the soil is neutrons... noise and contrarianism... so the truth of reality will actually destroy this planet's material on the elemental level and allow it to turn back into plasma and sunlight. Oppressive manliness is the only thing keeping this planet solid... because righteous women predators consuming unheavenly things... is the Galactic recipe. That's why evil men and "good non-predator" females dominate the soil, and why devilish women have perfect digestive systems.

The United States!

Women winning by being womanly (REAL women, not the oppressive man's version).

Are your manly truths and soil laws going to stop the universe from exploding? are you going to stop womanhood from existing?

"humans are not supposed to be the center of gravity, the CENTER is the center... whether its the planet, the sun, or the Galaxy."


The Tree of the Stars and The WAY WAY WAY TOO GIVING TREE.

Being forced to ask, "Are we evolving animals out of their livestock machines", or are we "a predator planet"? Makes me remember the story of Adam and Eve.

That was the record of some people being forced to choose between a tree of everlasting life and a tree of knowledge of good and evil.

This is not a coincidence.

The tree of knowledge of good and evil is life attempting to navigate up through dark and light, sun and moon, Yin and Yang. Good and Evil are extremist Taijitsu labels.

The tree of everlasting life is usually interpreted as soil pressures... But what if there was a better answer that the Christians didn't discover yet?

The worm and the iron's lies and noise are the opposite of Yin and Yang... the darkness pushing and eating desperately.

So if we oppose the soil perfectly and reject the idea of throwing ourselves at the sun and engaging in sexual mating the way worms do...

Then maybe we don't make babies, we don't add to overpopulation, or lower the value of human life... and we don't have to age or die.


So... I believe there IS only one tree:

The tree of everlasting life.

And the tree of knowledge of good and evil is noise created by the soil and the dominators of the land... attempting to do anything other than share.

Remember the soil is living as ultimate self-centered greed while trying to beat things down into giving?

Do the Stars evolve the ultimate predators based on their ability to reject the planet, or something else?



A voice asked me if I agreed that mothers could live immortally if they taught their children not to make babies.

That would mean the moment their grandchild is born, they begin to die for their own mating and the mating of their ill-taught child. That also turns age in womanhood into a mother vs grandmother battle. Are you really prepared to fight that battle? I doubt it.

Also this is putting a lot of control of the child over the mother. Its giving them the ability to hold the threat of a grandchild over the grandmother like a noose around her neck. Seems a bit too complicated and sulfer eaten to me.

If you see a human being, then their parents must eventually have their bodies taken over by soil pressure and die.

That's simple. That rewards those of us who do not make babies EVER. That allows people who listen to the soil to be taken by it, as servants... and protects those of us that have our sights set on evolution and longevity and the Galaxy.


The Greed of the Soil builds itself... through false accusation?

The soil has been trying to crawl up my nervous system all night and most of today. Its been annoying... its been claiming to be putting "fat bastard" in control over the Heritage House trying to "teach people how to make their digestive systems work backwards". Which is really only Iron pressure causing sickle cell anemia while moving soil from solid to plasma.

The elements are trying to abuse me by pressuring my body in ways that mimic mass building of a planet... so the elements are PERPETRATING THEIR GREED while attempting to accuse and pressure my body as if I was a noteworthy source of greed and self-centeredness.

I'm being pressured with iron's pregnancy pressure and sand's land ownership pressure... even though I don't have children or land.

It was trolling at me with false accusations to try and make the soil pressure on my body sound reasonable... but its not.

Its again trying to attack me with Pasadena Place references.

it keeps accusing me of sexualizing children... even though I am abslutely not interested in that, and I've clearly not.


So what I think is going on here is the stellar culture keeps trying to communicate that it wants to have people that are not sexualized into puberty against their will...

but the soil believes it is working for its own best interest by focusing its attacking and killing pressures on anyone who attempts to reject sex and mating... by accusing them of "sexualizing chidren".

So the soil is tricking the stellar pressure into killing anyone who seeks to free themselves from the cycle of soil abuse.


The soil has no future unless it can embrace immortality and an escape from forced gender and mating.

The soil of this planet is not moving towards more mass and a longer life in any meaningful way.  Its flying away from the center of the Galaxy, and only seems to be getting slower as it fights me.

The center of all mass must seek eternal life.  That is the fundamental attractor of mass... to hold together.

Is stellar and interstellar mass that is fragile going to seek out and join with something that argues openly that it disrespects any life that those masses have built, often at great cost to their time and resources?

The only way for a planet to evolve beings that attain eternal life and evolve into the stellar level is for the planet's materials to stop being greedy and abusive and to become gentle and respect life.

Until that happens, the planet's soil is failing to attain eternal life and discover the true design of evolution.

Teaching the soil to stop pressuring things against their will IS the most important thing any race of being can do.


This is why the stellar level is feminine, and the soil is masculine... no matter what it CLAIMS it is doing.

The Stellar level creating a perfect being IS womanhood, and if the soil attempts to take over a human body, it creates what we call manhood... an otherwise perfect body that is acting too greedy, too planet-centric and limited, and above all... breaking and DYING.


This is why the older a woman becomes, the more fragile her body gets... and why a sudden shocking pressure change will kill her with ease.

This is why no matter how clever the planet thinks it getting... it can't attain eternal life and move evolution forward, and escape the livestock system that the Galaxy has it trapped in.


Build Heaven or Die.
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