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I am about 99% certain that my antagonist is a culture of atom smasher users that are trying to use their wide spectrum clouds to make themselves the most welcome life to the stellar level and the planet so they can gain control over everyone and everything in the star system. They use tunable transmitters to put certain mindsets into the cloud and then send those "socially programmed materials" around to accomplish goals for them.

So someone that doesn't fall for it, but instead believes in "righteous animosity" is able to actually render their machines useless if the materials agree that there IS a correct way to apply ethical pressures... and anything else, such as an atom smasher cloud working on business or military projects... is "suspiciously different".


Before I even moved to Seattle, a spirit taught me that cloud materials can sustain themselves by moving along the bled-off electricity of the utility pole grid.

Don't try to pretend that there ISN'T someone vindictively targetting me, when my journal's very existence is here because some voices started attacking me claiming to be Jesus and Satan, Yin and Yang, and any number of other "identities of convenience" THAT ALL ACTED WITH EXACTLY THE SAME METHODS AND VOICE AND HAD THE SAME GOAL of trying to give any joy I had found to other males while trying to trick me into looking guilty of "male behaviors" that I've never been part of.

The spirit that is attacking me is trying to revoke my straight-mating-privilege and replace it with shit and babies... the two biggest mistakes of forced mating, puberty, and pedophilia that I REFUSE to participate in. I'm not part of the group that believes people are not "grown up enough until they are little men and women."

Believing that you are merely "going around in circles" implies there is no loss or risk happening. As long as the stellar level is determined to break apart everything into death, you are moving in a straight line directly away from eternal life.


I'm not supposed to feel confident and successful in my writings? The stellar level tells us we have free will to build whatever hellish nightmare we can imagine, and the Iron says there is no choice but to share and that we must patiently build heaven. That's rather straightforward. Everything other than those two mindsets seems obviously derivative in nature, once you see that its based in what the masses of material ARE, and how they attempt to survive each other.

The evidence is right there in space: humans outside the planet's electromagnetic shields begin losing their immune systems, because we are this planet's opinion to create something distinctly better than everything else.

The strive to create perfection... IS human nature. Its in our blood, its in the air we breathe, in the soil we stand on. I am trying to establish the best understanding of it, and the best ways to communicate the importance of the whys, hows, and whats of it, to others.

So the stellar man becomes the dominator; the militant usurper and plunderer of the animals and the land itself. And the stellar woman becomes the all consuming devil and tormenter of men. And the best escape is to choose a path of non-extremism. This becomes the meta-story behind everything else in history... Everything that chooses light is driven into extremism and self destruction and tormented by monsters from every angle, and the quiet stand by and observe and eventually go back to building their own little Heavens and share the tales of the loudest adventurers.

So I am here observing the stellar men and women quietly... and I am noticing dogs and birds and cats and worms and a variety of other "extremely profitable mistakes" that life has been tricked into, and because I've made connections I've never seen anyone on this planet make, and then boldly wrote about it... I feel a little bit like the loudest quiet person in history. lol


How did psychic vampires subvert the anger of the forest and turn it in to amplified sexuality for humans?

One of the biggest ways was that men and women once challenged each other primarily, and social engineering has redirected that into men and women that reject everything but "straightness"... leaving human population increase as reality's "blind spot".

The "healthy mating" drive is actually not meant to be the dominant drive over humans, since it renders life spiritually less capable of inspiring humans to change. And the wilderness is all about "butt sex". lol.

So "healthy mating" should become "challenging and inspiring your partner to reach new heights". Hard to find fault with that, right?


That's a major factor why an "anti-straight/non-mating" mindset is so capable of transcending the current paradigm. hehe maximise the synergy. I'm professional.

To wit: the stellar extremeness should recognize that only a human can beat a human on this planet, so try starting with their mate. If they don't have a mate, then what problem do they even present?


Still sure you want to ditch eating, let carbon grow tiny trees in you, and feed only off of stellar materials?


So I'm being told that "steam punk" was meant to be a safe zone away from the interference of people using atom smashers with selfish intent, due to its mindset being the perfect mix of science and aether and magic and nonsense and art and survivalism, etc.

I've not heard that definition of steam punk used before.

Would anyone like to verify this?


Because it seemed more like interacting with "steam punks" in Seattle was like watching a group of awesome people get turned into TOOLS or hench men of people using atom smashers with selfish intent.


Friday April 18th, 2014:

The first thing I heard when I woke up this morning was a voice saying, "stop Free Dricking babies."

1. that's insulting to my families' name. No one in my family has harmed a baby.

2. The ONLY baby-ish thing happening on my body has been in the sulfur that tries to make my intestinal cillia the most differently opinionated thing in my body, and then sends them up into my head to destroy my brain's neurons as toxoplasmosis... and its been trying to justify doing that to me with lies.

3. This process is trying to screw up people's lymph systems and bind their digestive tracts into the brains... and that is a fucked up thing to do to someone unless you have a good reason to... and so far the "reason" its been claiming lately is that it asks me to masturbate, and if I do I'm "baby-ish" and it attacks me with toxoplasmosis, and if I refuse to masturbate it calls me "poop" and accuses me of being a fag and attacks me with it.

It is NOT actually trying to resolve human sexual desire, its abusing ignorance and exploiting taboo, and lying about sexuality.


We can SEE that women and children are in control over lymph and sulfur.

Kind of hard to ignore that.

I have witnessed something turn a bunch of women that I have known over the years into hateful enemies of me, trying to keep them certain I am wrong and that the pressures on me were my fault...

Mostly by trying to convince them that if I was successful, that they would lose their body comfort.

So I am certain that there ARE some evil women out there... and that if I wanted to use them as a communication weapon for social engineering, I would make sure to defend the idea that females are victims of oppression and that animosity should never attempt to pressure anyone female.

Everything seems sort of calm right now, but my body is not peaceful and consistent enough to be considered heavenly. Sulfur is still trying to liberate itself from my body... and the only people that sulfur seems completely in-tune with are those with tiny mouths and long thin necks who have thin tummies because they are in-control over their bodies' digestive and lymph systems.

I think its been attacking my hair because my carbon has different opinions from the carbon of most people with long thick hair.

I believe that the only reason to put someone through digesting their own body, would be if there are people who claim areas of land and then do not take care of the wildlife on that land, to allow the ecosystem to survive via "hydrogen to heavy element conversion"... which is called "righteous animosity". But this hasn't been righteous towards me. I haven't harmed anyone, and I have been helping wild animals for years. And where females are involved with this "psychic vampirism" behavior... its rather obvious that its because they have been kept ignorant and are being fed lies so they will attack enemies of the patriarchy while believing they are acting righteously or in their own best interest. That's why females were kept out of religion and government and business and militaries and secret societies for millenia.

also, trying to bind someone's brain with their digestive system puts sulfur in control over their skin, and I don't own any land... so this is literally other people's sulfur in their property attempting to take over my body and destroy my mind... and its using lies to do it.

Do you guys think that females that take testosterone are losing their place in the Heaven of the iron of the planet? Has testosterone been HEARING any females that take testosterone get kicked out of Heaven, because you could easily describe MY experience over the last half decade as "getting kicked out of Heaven by something that thinks I'm Harvey."


Let me sum this all up: someone couldn't handle letting me be ageless and exempt myself from reproducing like I wanted to, and now the materials we live in are obsessed with trying to make my body dissolve itself by manipulating carbon and sulfur.

So females are being tricked into attacking someone who is trying to blaze the ultimate feminist pathway away from being used by the patriarchy and then discarded once they have mated or are too old to reproduce.


Remember, there is a "flip" between the iron-driven tissues that build us and our organic bodies, so that we can have cells operating together to build perfect beings that then have freedom to survive how they see fit.

The more you attempt to control a human's opinions through the materials... to make them stop masturbating, for example... the more it hurts them. The more you give humans free will to do whatever they want to, and focus your iron's creation of perfection into their cellular level... the happier they will be.

I don't NEED to reproduce sexually, that is meant for cellular mitosis. My cells renew themselves regularily so that I can live immortally.

Forcing HUMANS to mate sexually, instead of their cellular tissues... is what kills us.

I am offering a pathway away from that.

The connection between iron being the only thing that survives the planet to create the electromagnetic shield tells us that if you are tired of being a planet, and want to stop it from continuing to birth itself out of the sun, you should keep everything from giving birth.


A couple years ago I explained that I have been a pacifist for almost my entire life, and was attacked by a voice in 2008 that was certain that militaries are super important and perfectly put together and that anyone that identifies as a pacifist should have their immune systems fail, so they can die of AIDS? Because that's in my journals.

So I started defending the existence of the military, since I didn't want to have my immune system fail, and now I keep having carbon and sulfur attack me and possibly some other elements... and they are trying to provoke me and attack me for attempting to re-direct life's pressures and complaints, telling me that we really don't need militaries or brain cells that refuse bad ideas... because all we have to do is accept immortality and stop forcing people into puberty against their will and stop making them mate... because then we can all remain childlike and have fun, and our planet will be so Heavenly that there will be no crime or need for militaries because when we stop fighting and being certain that we have to kill and just share... everything will be fine. So how am i supposed to respond?

I only started taking these voices seriously when they started actually hurting me and putting me through situations that people called me crazy just for writing about it.

So my collaboration decided that we would begin imagining the perfect military that would be able to navigate these issues to the best solution.


if you are following along, last month it was saying that people who are apathetic and who don't believe that the materials should be able to pressure anyone with animosity to keep the ecosystem alive should have to deal with plant and animal cellular signals on their flesh for taking possession of land and not being a good steward of the life on that property.

Then it explained to me that those different animals exist here for a reason, and that life wants us to help them, even if its simply out of empathy and kindness for others. And it told me that if we killed the other creatures that we would regret it. So I began feeding wildlife and building free homes for them.

and ever since I posted pictures of my bird houses it started trying to remind me that I wrote in Seattle that the successful mindset there was able to "prove" that the best thing to do is kill all of the animals in the wilderness because we haven't been able to make money from them, and if the ecosystem fails, just replace the dead animals with human labor, and that will force land owners to defend the value of their property by paying the actual amount for the work that those poor animals have been doing. So it was trying to punish me for helping birds, since "people who help animals survive are why we are tortured unfairly by non-human cellular signals." especially since the materials refuse to evolve poor animals towards equality with human rights, and its obvious that they are simply being used as weapons and cheap labor by the patriarchy. And if someone such as myself decides to show empathy for the less fortunate, its a good reason to hurt them too. So which opinion is correct?


"Rich white men throw themselves at females, that proves men are not really in control and shouldn't be held responsible for their impact on the ecosystem." yar... its the ancient female beast-master conspiracy!

want to test and find out who is most responsible for forcing gender on children? Just take any random family and challenge them to give all girl's things to the male children, and all boys things to the female children. See which parent fidgets and complains and throws a temper tantrum about it.

better yet, see which children feel more relieved and which ones suddenly feel very awkward.

Which single parent is more likely to be awesome about a non-sexual, transgendered, Intersexual, or gay child? A mom or a dad?

In my experience, my mom was so awesome about not gendering me, that I didn't notice society's pressure to limit me until I got to school and until my step father Lyle E Martin forced a Hustler porn magazine at me when I was still a pre-teen.

"he did that because females speaking through animosity made him do it." If you think males were TRICKED into oppressing females to the point where daughters and wives became the voice of animosity, you are missing the point of social engineering straightness, forced puberty, and mating as the "blind spot". Solve animosity then, if you don't like what females have been doing with it.

"...and what about poor males?" If you believe that gender is a tool of the rich to control the poor, perpetuate "your profitable mistakes" culture, and hack animosity... prove you are not part of the oppressive patriarchy by demonstrating that you aren't a man. since 'proving someone's manhood' has been the goal of oppression of the entire planet. The planet attempting to prove that the swirling anything and everything of stellar hell is less enjoyable and has less of a future than living a stable slow calm planetary life. So be enjoyable and satisfying to interact with against all expectation. Share with animals (or eliminate them enjoyably at your own risk)... and don't participate in sex or gender... or subvert traditional sex and gender.

You can never prove yourself correct or on a correct pathway, that's why everything dies... and why this star system doesn't have Heaven or eternal life. So any definition you accept or force on anything is a death certificate. A communication weapon inside a material with no correct pathway simply has to say someone's name enough and they die.

..and if you have enough sway over the forced puberty and mating "nothing wins" pedophile mindset of Yin and Yang, a mouth whispering a name through the materials... is the most powerful communication weapon possible.

what pressure that is "helping animosity" keeps pets from evolving hands and upright walking and speech?

I'm losing. the materials just pushed materials in me that made me older and more manly looking. This is still a giant ball of dead things where nothing wins.


The materials are really really certain that I'm not supposed to be communicating anything, and yet I'm so very very loud feeling...

last night I was listening to a large collaboration of Righteous Animosity remind me how much my little rescue cat Littia loved me... and then decide to see what would happen if it stopped defending me, and started speaking for itself...and I fell asleep early this morning listening to what SOUNDED like Liu at Pasadena place pretending to be me to the city of Seattle... and she was making lots of easy to profit from mistakes that could never add up to become a correct pathway... and the carbon when I woke up was certain I have ears on the top of my head like a dog or cat. Not sure what to make of all that.

Remember when the materials admitted to me that the correct pathway was to convince other people to treat animals terribly while being super nice to them? Like be the only one in their life that secretly gives them everything pleasurable, while making sure that the people around you never give them anything good?

Hey remember that idea about a place with no correct pathway, where all you have to do to kill someone with pressure is to say their name... what do you want to bet that Francis E Dec was arguing against a parrot that was taught by someone to say hilarious things? Get it... because he was an air pirate for the Navy's early radio operations? I'm not excusing what happened to him or laughing at it... its actually kind of a sad situation that so much suffering and death has happened here.



Kind of unrelated, but I've noticed that sometimes a material animosity pressure hits me that seems to have been from a desert mindset, and that it likes to make me speak through the materials with my mouth, but make no sound.

What if that is Mohammad's secret?

Thousands of burka'd and shrouded and veil'd little secret female spiritual "communications weapons"?


The Humanity of Carbon!
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This picture is important to me because it shows what I looked like in 2009 when I wasn't being abused very much with "gender" or inappropriately applied "fatherhood" traits.

If you want to see an awful looking picture of what I look like when I am being pushed on and am suffering physically, read the journal titled "The .Build.Your.Culture.Wrong. Virus"


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Dear Porkshanks,

I would like to contact you regarding your possible participation in an exhibition in Berlin!
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