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This is an ongoing stream of consciousness journal.

If you have not read The Holy Cross of Light, or any of the previous journals, they are needed to put some of the previously explained terms used here.


April 20th:

2 interesting suggestions: The elements keep noticing poo and babies because those are two things the desert DOESN'T understand. and reversing the pressure of the materials back towards the desert cultures may actually HELP restore the ecosystem on the elemental level and by encouraging humans with a clear goal to work to purposefully restore it themselves.

Suggestion for sulfur... have you considered turning "heeling" as dogs into "healing the ecosystem" as desert dwellers?

Don't think of it as being a victim of a desert... try to think of it as loving the green lady and her poorest kids. No one wants to watch a lady like this star system go bald.


I heard the idea to turn all racist "melanin superiority" people into bloated feedbags to feed righteous animosity... for being unamerican, until we ALL begin to gain UV ray protection and get darker and enjoy being a real melting pot. Its a provocative suggestion.

this suggestion came right after something tried attacking ME with animosity and trying to hurt me with a forced mating pedophile culture. And the pressure on my body was in the places where melanin gathers. You'll know it when it touches you because it feels like hands grabbing your head, trying to either make you look up or down.

I eagerly await gaining dark skin.

I'm NOT trying to hack iron and oxygen to subvert anger at humans into mating... did you miss the place where I said "to feed righteous animosity"? I love my readers and know YOU are not the problem, but the melting pot of America is not something to be squandered or taken as a joke. I actually 100% expect my skin to get darker because skin color is far from trivial.

If you know of a better way to make skin color change, please speak up.


It said "Love everyone equally."

When you love everyone equally, my skin will gain the same uv ray protection that some other people have.


UV rays, do you worship a golden calf? I doubt it!

So you want the desert's worm between your legs, I can't wait to see what the trees have to say to you...

Martian tripods fall before disease in America.


April 21st:

Just awoke from uv rays trying to imagine me in an "opposites attract" forced mating system as profitably incorrect as it could dream up... so I'll ask a question: what did my mother do differently from any given female with melanin in America, that she gave birth to a white skinned baby? Irish people experienced discrimination and slavery in early America, and have been targetted occassionally for their skin and hair looking different. If the only way to get darker skin is to give birth to a baby from someone with darker skin than you... Is this evidence that uv rays is trying to use melanin as part of a "forced sexual reproduction" culture?

If skin color cannot change, then explain tanning, vitiligo, and why freckles come and go. For bonus points, explain why genitals start getting darker at puberty for caucasians, and why mine actually started losing melanin when I was on HRT and became light pink again.

Its playing "all men are dogs" at me, instead of being a good little kitty and hiding her shit in the sand.

If she's oppressed, then tell her to stop being a communication weapon against a different culture, and either love everyone equally so my skin gains uv ray protection and gets darker, or tell her to start getting ready to free herself from her own oppressive religion, government, husband, business, etc...

Which fricken desert are your ancestors from, and which fro is the most zen about it?


I'm not hating individual people, this is a melting pot... I'm hating DIFFERENCES.

Melanin, am I iron or part of your oxygen network?


here's a good one: the Navy tested communications weapons for decades under all kinds of situations and environments, all while losig ground and having a harder and harder time producing any desirable result... and then they simply decided to open their doors to females. And then one morning they played The Devil Came Down To Georgia for the opening revelry.

"I'm looking to steal some souls." Um... no Satan... you misunderstood... you're supposed to steel sol. You make steel by putting iron through a furnace twice. hehe silly Satan.


POP QUIZ TIME! Which planet is more likely to gain enough mass to return to the stellar level and survive to see a better warmer place in the Galaxy.... Mars the desert or Jupiter the 13 stripes and rising sun?


Nice lyric captured my attention: Massive Attack 'Karmacoma' "I eat my baby mate" = makes like neurons and toxoplasmosis doing a 'chips chicken and banana splits'.

Am I swaying Z yet?

I wonder how Tricky feels about righteous animosity vs gender/sex diversion to turn anger towards humans into forced mating... is there a better way to describe that idea? Like a single word that already encompasses and communicates it perfectly?


By the way, the label for someone that eats their baby mate without taking estrogen, chemicals, and antiandrogens is "NoHo". I've been NoHo since January of 2012.

The antidote for getting "Tricky'd" is steeling up Solid Gone by the Oddtoot.

One Groovy Coconut's 'The Cannibal' is females getting the worst case of osteroperosis possible due to surgical transsexuals taking control of toxoplasmosis and moving towards righteous immortality. That HAS only just begun. Notice any short generations lately?


Had to find a way to communicate "sex hacking" with out words, as I found myself touching a lot of non-english speakers: a bird shoots daggers at the monopoly man, who yanks a chain around a woman's neck, and she deflects the daggers at a homeless man slumped against a wall nearby.

someone added the sun shooting daggers at the bird first, and the homeless man puffing up like a balloon last.

you could also change the collared person to a child whose torso puffs up with breasts and hips as they deflect the daggers.


Weird... the grass just got super green and the trees look super ginger-melanin colored... like a lot.

but only in an area around me that extends out a few hundred feet.

I got a picture of it... it was so noticable that it was like a spotlight from the sun shining down on this area... I've never seen ginger trees before... really fascinating effect!


okay, about half an hour ago, uv rays started attacking me and claiming that the beam of light that was hitting this area was somehow something I was causing to happen... but I'm hearing some voices with influence over uv rays trying to pressure me with carbon now... so its blackest females claiming that their pressuring males with carbon and trying to make oxygen leave a human body is what keeps plants alive... and that if they stopped trying to grow plants on other people's human bodies, that plants would stop growing on the planet. anyone see a couple errors and omissions here. I'm twice baked iron, which means I'm not the soil of this planet for one. The omission is that all they have to pressure is trees and plants, trying to put this pressure on a human other than the green lady or mother earth is a mistake.

the way out of being the green lady is to be a woman that puts pressure that supposedly grows plants onto people that are either most causing a desert or people that profit from deserts and don't care about restoring their ecosystems...

Although it REALLY needs to be noted that uv ray pressure that causes a ginger color to be pushed out of having darkest skin melanin ALSO may be hurting trees, because it was trying to FREEZE THEIR CARBON, and if that was what I was witnessing (95% confidence that this is correct), then black people that are trying to keep gingers different may actually be SUFFOCATING the carbon dioxide inhaling of trees and plantlife! When you cool down an element, it makes it less likely to bond or catalyse with other elements... and so it would free up oxygen from the air for the psychic vampires that freeze carbon towards their victims... but that would mean trees won't have any carbon dioxide to breathe IN. The trees were turning orangey-tan colored... which is not what a healthy tree looks like. I AM willing to bet that those trees were generating a lot of atmospheric methanol from dying/repairing tree cellular tissues.


ps: gingers have soul too, you were being attacked by uv racists.

chlorophyll needs both the oxygen and the carbon to make a plant grow.

also, someone tried to say this was a ginger person pressing on me... but I've only heard black men talk about the "arrival of Tan" as a reference to someone evil to reject, and if the "gingerss don't have soul" meme isn't from racist black people (who are famously known for bragging about their soul) then what would it be?


April 22nd:

Ugh, just woken up by someone carbon crushing at me... in case you missed it, last night the voices that WERE psychic vampirisim got caught "sex hacking" righteous animosity, and they switched over to a different attack: using their dark melanin's influence over uv rays to carbon crush their target, which painfully masculinises the target and suffocates trees, which uv racists try to blame ON the victim of the carbon crushing, so they are rushed with atmospheric methanol from the trees and further harmed by the suffocating tree's immune systems.

To the UV racists, it feels like free oxygen... because freezing carbon causes carbon dioxide in the air to break apart... but that's why the trees begin suffocating... they need co2 for chlorophyll to catalyse light and soil into healthy plantlife.

but anyways, the uv racists were trying to focus their carbon bombing of people on anything other than themselves because carbon crushing a human body causes many of the traits considered "manliness"... tight constricted shape and posture, baldness, facial hair around the "loud victim's mouth" to distract the elements and trees away from figuring out the real source causing carbon bombing, and hair brained schemes in general.

so, that's a big part of why my collaboration has been trying to convince them that "manliness" is NOT supposed to be considered a legitimate option. Forced puberty is a sign of psychic vampirism and sex hacking, tree and plantlife hacking, pedophilia, incest, rape, co-dependancy, infantalism, racism, diversion of righteous animosity... and more!


...and yes, people with facial hair around their mouths are DEFINITELY NOT THE ONES influencing carbon with their voices. really. even though carbon was recently discovered to be rushing towards the poor and dark skinned people in greater amounts than wealthy caucasians. Just kidding, its dark skinned males with beards and moustaches. Carbon has been observed gathering around people with dark skin, specifically in urban areas that allow them to have a more anti-ecosystem "desert culture" mindset that oppresses females. And that carbon influence is getting used for sex hacking, psychic vampirism, diverting righteous animosity, suffocating trees and plants and blaming the victim (which may acctually be causing AIDS and toxoplasmosis)...

...of course carbon is gathering around desert mindset men... they think they NEED IT to crush at them to breathe oxygen, and they mistake the cold feeling of the freezing carbon to be "a refreshing breeze of cool oxygen"... but its not.

If you think sexism isn't a part of it, you should talk to a transguy that wants to grow a beard and moustache... and has a very hard time getting it to happen.


So that's why men are always acting defensive and trying to prove they are "good men"... and why trying to blame people that reject manhood totally misses the point... they are literally being attacked by suffoccating trees and plants BECAUSE of their manhood even existing.

In case you didn't notice... last night it was trying to convince me that its black females that force manhood onto white males so they can get the free oxygen without having to deal with the carbon crush and the animosity of the suffocating ecosystem, and today its been trying to explore some other variations of things that are happening...

Seattle is one of the greenest and healthiest cities, and it wasn't very friendly to sex hackers trying to Santa Claus people.

A voice claimed to be the Statue of Liberty scolding Joa Knoll Martin for being an urban desert sex hacker, and I had to explain that my old name was Joelle Michelle Martin in the 80s, so because they never checked middle names and other details like age and location... was WHY she was able to sex hack and put the blame on me (due to names sounding similar) to begin with.


RE: Righteous Animosity. It wasn't animals that were certain they were on the best pathway, and that nothing could gain equality to their body's attractiveness and "important reproduction function".

Remember, breaking people's will was part of psychic vampirism, otherwise the oxygen would never seek out those doing the wbreaking.

Big black dick, anyone? (for one example of this)

Something is freezing up Orange Street, perhaps?

I hope you never have to feel so ugly that trees want to suffocate to death just to make you even uglier.

Its not going to flood me with sulfur any more, that is an attempt at psychic vampirism, as I've already documented. Think of sulfur as causing half of the "manhood" traits. So on a spectrum of sulfur gender: at zero we have a body incapable of digesting its own food or having an immune system. On the other end of the scale is someone whose body is so saturated with sulfur that their ph level rises into acidic territory, and their digestive cillia begin detaching from the intestinal walls, and their lymph begins growing toxoplasmosis instead of brain cells. If that body's immune system is unable to keep up, then the body stops functioning as a human and begins decomposing. somewhere between the two extreme ends of that spectrum of sulfur saturation is a normal human body. I already journaled that extreme feast and famine behavior being used to hurt people years ago.



Who are the most successful black trans people? Do they use medicine to change their gender, or are they NoHo?

Are they into human rights and equality for females?


Guess who believes they are on the correct pathway, but are trying to make it the blind spot?

Its not the bird, or the female on the collar, or the homeless man, or the biggest black dick... that are in control of billions of dollars.

uv rays, why is creating skin color difference even important to you at this point?

Are you attempting to turn skin color into money?


The Humanity of Carbon!
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United States
This picture is important to me because it shows what I looked like in 2009 when I wasn't being abused very much with "gender" or inappropriately applied "fatherhood" traits.

If you want to see an awful looking picture of what I look like when I am being pushed on and am suffering physically, read the journal titled "The .Build.Your.Culture.Wrong. Virus"


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